You don't have to get out of bed to be a true hero and save the world. Super Kong Jumper takes you to an imaginary world to play as Mono and experience the skills of a real hero. 

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Mono lives a quiet life with his brother and other monkeys In the heart of the forest . One day, while walking to get some bananas for the lunch, Mono and his brother heard a huge noise coming from the sky. Doctor Phill who was nearby, also heard the noise and came to meet Mono and his Brother. Together, they saw some bright lights falling from the sky and notice that those lights were giants entering the earth.

The giants were invaders from outer world and came to conquest build their new home here on earth. After reaching the ground, they cast a spell on the animals of the forest to corrupt and slave them to help the giants to build their new home. Mono's brother could not stand and watch those animals being corrupted and jumped to fight the giants, at this moment they cast a spell on him too capturing brother and making him a prisoner and then they escaped taking brother and all the corrupted animals with them.

Mono just watched everything happening right in front of his eyes and could not do anything to help his brother and the other animals. Now mono needs your help to save them and all the living things on earth.

 Come and help our friend!



many challenges to overcome

Each level a new challenge to overcome. Super Kong Jumper has 64 well-designed levels and 8 bosses to test your skills. The Story takes place in many different scenarios such as forest, desert and frozen lands

Optional Content


Super Kong Jumper has six extra characters to play with. if you want to be a hero with a different skin

  1. Brother: Mono's brother who was captured by the giants
  2. Jim: He is the cousin of Mono and lives with the monkeys in the forest
  3. Doctor Phill: He is the smartest monkey in the forest and helps Mono in his journey
  4. Wizard: He has some magical powers and changes stars for one chance in the Wheel of Luck
  5. Warlock: He lives in the castles and joined the animals to save the world
  6. Viking: A warrior from the frozen lands who joined the fight against the giants


Explore the world

Amazing graphics you can explore the levels and see nice places

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